Télécharger On Cloud Nine : Fantasy Erotic Sex Story PDF et EPUB gratuitement
On Cloud Nine : Fantasy Erotic Sex Story
Title Book: On Cloud Nine : Fantasy Erotic Sex Story
Author : Kenna Divens
ISBN 10: 9781623272821
ISBN 13: 1623272823
Publisher : Xplicit Press
Category : Fiction / Romance / Erotica
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 15

Télécharger On Cloud Nine : Fantasy Erotic Sex Story livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement.

This erotica short story collection contains explicit content and is suitable for adults only.

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How did Leah land on the clouds, not metaphorically, but literally? Who is the lovely man in golden armor and why was he so bent upon giving pleasure to Leah? These are just some of the questions our protagonist is struggling with. As the day goes by, Leah wonders if she should go back to earth, but the things that her new lover does, especially with his golden rod and the red plume on his helmet, make her think twice. She is informed that she was selected out of all the women because she is the prettiest, to be the new princess of the land. But will the prince like her? Will he love her? She is told that he is prone to anger and slow to forgive. Luckily for Leah, the prince finds her more than just adequate, more than just pretty, he finds her princess material. Coincidentally, he also wants her, his golden rod more than willing.